One thought on ““How can I help it if power likes to walk on crooked legs?”–Nietzsche

  1. The concept that somehow the AI industry will regulate itself to avoid the negative consequences of AI seems about as sensible as applying that concept to any other industry; as everybody knows, one purpose of government is to prevent businesses from doing things that have large negative externalities. Let’s get on with the ordinary business of watching for such externalities and outlawing them when we find them.

    More metaphysically, there is an undertone of the “precautionary principle” in this article, you aren’t allowed to change anything before you prove that nothing bad will happen as a consequence. We *know* the consequences of that are stagnation. And we live in a country that applies the least precaution to potentially revolutionary changes, and look where that has gotten us — for a country, relatively few people want to move elsewhere and an astoundingly large number of people want to move here. America is where we test-drive the future. Sometimes it doesn’t work so good, but on net, it works really really well.

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