History may not repeat but it often rhymes

“Big picture: getting rid of leaders to get rid of wars doesn’t have a great track record. Consider the example of Barack Obama following George W. Bush. This shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with any sort of leftist systemic analysis. Systems are the problem; politicians are symptoms of that system, at best. If anything, changing leaders can relieve the pressure to end the war. That’s what happened with Nixon, and again with Obama.”

We drove LBJ from office ? and got 50 years of dreadful Republican policy. Those who don't learn from history ...

Something needs to be done–NOW

“The regional directors of the World Health Organization and United Nations agencies have recorded 137 attacks on health care facilities in Gaza since the fighting began, resulting in 521 people killed and 686 injured. According to the groups, 16 health care workers have been killed and 38 have been injured on duty.”

Health officials say the hospitals are out of electricity. The U.N. and World Health Organization pleaded for "decisive international action" to preserve what's left of the health care system in Gaza.

Some people’s asses aren’t worth saving

Mohammed bin Salman’s is one of them. But Trump says he believes MBS’s denials that he ordered Khashoggi’s murder. Innocent until proven guilty, I guess.

Trump said MBS told him he was innocent and then stressed Saudi Arabia's importance as a US trading partner. The CIA found MBS ordered the killing.