John Cage did this 70 years ago in music

It’s no longer clever or original and he should give the money back.

Jens Haaning has lost a lengthy battle with a Danish museum after submitting two blank canvases and taking off with the loaned cash that was meant to be displayed inside the artworks.

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Poem of the day

Thorp Green
by Branwell Brontë (1817-1848)

I sit, this evening, far away,
         From all I used to know,
And nought reminds my soul to-day
         Of happy long ago.

Unwelcome cares, unthought-of fears,
         Around my room arise;
I seek for suns of former years
         But clouds o’ercast my skies.

Yes–Memory, wherefore does thy voice
         Bring old times back to view,
As thou wouldst bid me not rejoice
         In thoughts and prospects new?

I’ll thank thee, Memory, in the hour
         When troubled thoughts are mine–
For thou, like suns in April’s shower,
         On shadowy scenes wilt shine.

I’ll thank thee when approaching death
         Would quench life’s feeble ember,
For thou wouldst even renew my breath
         With thy sweet word ‘Remember’!

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Welcome news

If only the administration would recognize the right of people who arrive at the border (or who enter illegally) to apply for asylum.

The Biden administration is considering raising the number of refugees who could be admitted to the United States next year, according to a source familiar with the discussions, as the program ramps up and is on track to meet higher admissions.

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Game of the week

A tribute to Kate Gasser (1947-2022), one of the US’s top women players in the 1970s, whose death I only recently learned of.

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The racial divide in longevity

Alas, this is dog-bites-man non-news but who wants to live to 100 anyway?

The rise in centenarians in the US is a good thing for many. But the realm of super-aging isn’t open to all.

(Author Bill Kole was once AP’s bureau chief in Vienna and I covered some tournaments for him circa 2002.)

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Game of the week

In memory of Joel Johnson (1955-2023), another (former) New England master who recently passed on.

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Poem of the day

A la Forest de Gastine
by Pierre de Ronsard (1524-1585)

Couché sous tes ombrages vers,
         Gastine, je te chante
Autant que les Grecs par leurs vers
         La forest d’Erymanthe.
Car malin, celer je ne puis
         A la race future
De combien obligé je suis
         A ta belle verdure:
Toy, qui sous l’abry de tes bois
         Ravy d’esprit m’amuses:
Toy, qui fais qu’à toutes les fois
         Me respondent les Muses:
Toy, par qui de ce mechant soin
         Tout franc je me délivre,
Lors qu’en toy je me pers bien loin.
         Parlant avec un livre.
Tes bocages soient tousjours pleins
         D’amoureuses brigades,
De Satyres et de Sylvains,
         La crainte des Naiades.
En toy habite désormais
         Des Muses le college,
Et ton bois ne sente jamais
         La flame sacrilège.

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