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The Breadth and Beauty of the Spacious Night
by Philip Bourke Marston (1850-1887)

The breadth and beauty of the spacious night
      Brimmed with white moonlight, swept by winds that blew
      The flying sea-spray up to where we two
Sat all alone, made one in Love’s delight, —
The sanctity of sunsets palely bright;
      Autumnal woods, seen ‘neath meek skies of blue;
      Old cities that God’s silent peace stole through, —
These of our love were very sound and sight.

The strain of labor ; the bewildering din
      Of thundering wheels ; the bells’ discordant chime;
      The sacredness of art; the spell of rhyme, —
These, too, with our dear love were woven in.
      That so, when parted, all things might recall
      The sacred love that had its part in all.

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