But it has a 99% survival rate!

So say the anti-vaxers in pooh-poohing the virus. But survival and recovery are two different things.

From the early days of the pandemic, doctors noticed that in severe cases of Covid-19 – the ones that landed people in the hospital on ventilators with shredded lungs – most of the internal wreckage wasn’t being directly inflicted by the virus itself but by a blizzard of immune reactions triggered by the body to fight the infection.

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One thought on “But it has a 99% survival rate!

  1. The attitudes are interesting. Something like 2.8 million people die in the US each year from ordinary causes. And yet the 900,000 deaths from Covid (actually, far fewer in the early days) was enough to set off serious panic. If in some sort of steady state, 1% of people die of Covid, the annual death toll rises to 2.82 M/year (relative to my previous estimate), which pretty much nobody would notice.

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