Whoever coined the motto “defund the police” should be shot

but only after being drawn and quartered, and dipped in boiling oil. This article details some of the alternatives to the traditional public safety approaches that are being tried.

Though the politics of police reform have shifted since a year ago, the movement to find new ways to ensure public safety is winning a number of fights in cities across the country.

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One thought on “Whoever coined the motto “defund the police” should be shot

  1. There does seem to be a very small, outer edge to the movement that genuinely wants to be policed less, ideally, not at all. They’re probably anarchists, in the true sense of the word. Unfortunately, their terminology has contaminated the entire police-reform movement. And I notice that even in areas that suffer from the boot-heel of the police, the people are consistently reluctant to reduce the intensity of policing.

    As terminology goes, I’m still amused by “having a mental health crisis” as a euphemism for “wigging out” or “gone crazy”.

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