One thought on “Democrats shooting themselves in foot

  1. It’s not quite what Republicans do, though. Republicans don’t really ladle out the tax relief until you get to about 99% in the income distribution. The bill here is “House Democrats are on the verge of passing a massive tax break for high-income earners — raising a cap on local and state tax deductions that primarily affects high-cost states.” The people who benefit from that are generally the well-paid “professional” class that own houses in expensive metro areas, who are roughly the top third of the income distribution, minus the top 1%. And if you look, the people the Republicans cut taxes for tend to vote Republican … and the people the Democrats cut taxes for tend to vote Democratic.

    And the issue is good for Republicans. The people who will benefit from “SALT” deduction are the class that most Republicans resent, considerably more than they resent “the one percent”.

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