Who cares what it is? Liberals support it.

Therefore it must be pernicious. No need to define it or know what it is.

“Critical race theory is an academic framework that explores how racism is embedded in U.S. policies and systems.

“Recently, though, conservative pundits and politicians have attempted to conflate it with a slew of other concepts, such as diversity and inclusion efforts, anti-racism training, social justice activism or multicultural curricula.”

Advocates say the new Texas law, which goes into effect on Sept. 1, will have a chilling effect on schools.

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One thought on “Who cares what it is? Liberals support it.

  1. Given the degree to which liberals loathe (white) conservatives, it’s a fairly good bet that if liberals love something, it’s not good for conservatives. And of the list you enumerate above, as far as I can see, all of the items are to the disadvantage of white conservatives. More subtly, they’re particularly to the disadvantage of whites who do not have the educational credentials to avoid job competition from many non-white people.

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