Bidenomics?? How about Biden’s economic proposals?

Paul Krugman in the NYT:”But if you’re trying to assess the candidates’ economic claims, you should know that Trump’s predictions of a Biden bust lack credibility, not just because Trump lies about everything, but because Republicans always predict disaster from progressive policy, and have never yet been right.

“And you should also know that Biden’s assertions that his plan would give the economy a significant boost are well grounded in mainstream economics and supported by independent, nonpartisan analyses.

“So Biden’s economic claims are, in fact, credible; Trump’s aren’t.”

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One thought on “Bidenomics?? How about Biden’s economic proposals?

  1. It’s all rather funny. Looking at the Obama to Trump period, economic progress was remarkably uniform and so were the policies. The current election promises more of the same: You can choose Trump, and get a bit of tax relief for the well-off, or Biden, and get a bit of socialism for the poorly-off. But nobody expects there to be much difference in outcomes. It looks like we’ve gotten to the point where everyone agrees about the best macroeconomic policies known.

    No doubt the claims of the candidates are vastly different. I’m sure that Trump is promising the moon. But nobody believes that.

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