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Another case of sibling rivalry. Two weeks ago, it was the Byrne brothers, this week it’s Eugene and John Meyer, who have been mainstays of the DC chess scene for decades. Currently, Eugene, an International Master, is rated sixth on the USCF’s top over 65 list while John, a FIDE Master and USCF Life Master, is tied for 35th. Unfortunately, Eugene belongs to the Dark Side.

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3 thoughts on “Game of the week

  1. I have checked as well as my files and I am not sure these two played at Lincoln. I have 11 of Eugene’s games missing Rd3 ( Richard Chess according to Chessgames) so am curious as to your source. Thanks

  2. Hmmm. While I have the sources noted for the vast majority of the games in my database, I don’t have it for this one. Possibly Starbase. If it makes a difference, my unknown source puts the game in round 4.

  3. Looks like the source is Lombardy’s column in Chess Life but am quite sure he go it wrong–the game is actually Eugene vs Andy McDaniel according to the bulletin

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