The Democrats don’t have a frontrunner

Walter Shapiro in The New Republic: “Before the final game of the 1944 World Series, a veteran sportswriter looked at the two bedraggled teams gathered at Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis. During the last year of World War II, with their star players in Europe or the Pacific, both teams were filled with aged has-beens and younger 4-Fs. Assessing their odds, the baseball writer said sadly, “I don’t see how either team can win.”

“The same could be said of the vast field of Democratic contenders gathered outside Columbus, Ohio, for the fourth debate of the primary season.

“Sure, most of them could probably defeat a ranting, raving Donald Trump in November 2020. But winning the nomination and standing with arms raised in triumph on the stage of the Milwaukee convention seems a stretch for all of them from Joe Biden on down. …

“By the spring of 2020, as the Democrats choose a nominee, it will seem so clear, so obvious, so inevitable. But, despite the premature certainty of those rushing to anoint Biden or Warren, I still see a cloudy future that should chasten handicappers everywhere.”

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One thought on “The Democrats don’t have a frontrunner

  1. Imagine the headlines later this year: “Republican Candidate Donald Trump Wins General Election, Becomes President of the United States.” If you’d asked anyone even a year ago what was wrong with that sentence, they wouldn’t know where to begin. And yet here we are. — Cracked, May 10, 2016

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