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I have managed to put together a database of some 80,000+ games not in ChessBase’s Megabase (2017 version). They’re from obscure websites, old magazines and wherever else I could find them. Many, if not most, are “fish” games but many are master and grandmaster games. I’m planning on using them for a “Game of the week” feature and posting one every Monday. The first is a nice grandmaster game from the 1985 US Open. For the time being, I offer them without any annotation since the WordPress plug-in I’m using doesn’t allow you to play through variations (I’m open to suggestions as to which plug-in I should use).

Update: In an email, Yasser writes “That was some old home brew cooking that Lev fell into. ” He also suggests that a good question for students is where White went wrong. Ideas?

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    • There is no link. At the moment, it’s on my laptop. My plan is to get it up to 100,000 games and clean it up (probably another year) and then offer it for sale for $10. I also have to work with my webmaster on setting up a way to receive payment and have it available for download.

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