One thought on “Quo vadimus? Ad calamitatem?

  1. Yes, the Latin is correct. I had to look it up, but “vadimus” is first person plural.

    The mechanics of this are idiotic, but it seems that the fight is realistic. The country really does have a long-term budget problem that’s getting to the point that we can’t just borrow money to pay for it. The big items are SS and Medicare, though they aren’t included in *this* fight. But there’s also a problem with the welfare state as we’ve created it, and it seems that Medicaid is gobbling the state budgets and is also a large chunk of federal “discretionary non-defense spending”.

    I haven’t noticed any columnists try to present a clear-eyed description of what the situation is that needs to be fixed, just talking points from both sides. But the public is going to have to face up to the situation and allow the politicians to cut a deal.

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