A step in the right direction

According to the latest visa bulletin, some people (married children of US citizens or F3) have been in the queue since 1997. And some of the employment-based categories for some countries (India and China) are backed up ten years. What business can wait ten years for a new hire to be ready to start work?

House lawmakers advanced a proposal Friday that would salvage unused green cards from the past three decades and make them available to immigrants stuck in long backlogs.

6 thoughts on “A step in the right direction

  1. How many green cards would be “salvaged” from the last 30 years? And is there a proposal to carry quotas from one year to the next so none are “lost”?

  2. How did we get into this problem? Back when I was a boy, the INS was careful to hand out all of a year’s green cards by September because it was clear that Congress intended for exactly the quota number to be distributed in a year. But for years it seems that CIS hasn’t been able to distribute the year’s quota within a year.

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