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The Agincourt Carol
Anonymous 15th century folk song

Our king went forth to Normandy
With grace and might of chivalry,
There God for him wrought marvellously,
Wherefore England may call and cry
   Deo gratias Anglia
   Redde pro victoria.

He set a siege, for sooth to say,
To Harfleur town with royal array,
That town he won and made a fray
That France shall rue till doomesday.
   Deo gratias Anglia
   Redde pro victoria.

Then went him forth our king comely,
In Agincourt field he fought manly,
Through grace of God most marvellously
He had the field and victory.
   Deo gratias Anglia
   Redde pro victoria.

There many a Lord, Earl, and Baron
Were slain and taken and that full soon
And some were brought into London
With joy and bliss and great renown.
   Deo gratias Anglia
   Redde pro victoria.

Almighty God, O keep our king,
His people and all those well willing,
And give them grace without ending;
Then may we call and safely sing
   Deo gratias Anglia
   Redde pro victoria.

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