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The Little Peach
by Eugene Field (1850-1895)

A little peach in the orchard grew,
A little peach of emerald hue;
Warmed by the sun and wet by the dew,
⁠                                    It grew.

One day, passing that orchard through,
That little peach dawned on the view
Of Johnny Jones and his Sister Sue —
⁠                                    Those two.

Up at that peach a club they threw;
Down from the stem on which it grew
Fell that peach of emerald hue —
⁠                                    Too true!

John took a bite and Sue a chew,
And then the trouble began to brew, —
Trouble the doctor couldn’t subdue, —
⁠                                    Paregoric too.

Under the turf where the daisies grew
They planted John and his Sister Sue,
And their little souls to the angels flew,—
⁠                                    Boo-hoo!

What of that peach of the emerald hue,
Warmed by the sun, and wet by the dew?
Ah, well! its mission on earth is through —
⁠                                    Adieu!

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