Due process? We don’t need no stinking due processs!

“A plan to turn back all migrants seeking asylum would have its most immediate effect on the US-Mexico border. It has run into opposition from several government agencies, in part because of concerns that it would violate US and international law, including treaties on how to deal with refugees and victims of torture.

“Officials are working on a plan to deny entry to all asylum seekers, according to multiple sources. That may include a plan to return all illegal border crossers without due process.”

The administration is pushing to use the coronavirus pandemic to accomplish some of the tough immigration restrictions that hardliners have struggled to put into practice since President Donald Trump took office, including blocking entry to asylum seekers, according to US officials briefed on the plans.

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One thought on “Due process? We don’t need no stinking due processs!

  1. Non-Americans are not human beings, and hence have no legal rights, including due process.

    Remember the stereotypical Wise Old Indian in “Little Big Man” expressing the nearly universal opinion: “There is an endless supply of white men. There has always been a limited number of human beings.”

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