Owners must listen now

“This random social-media scuffle was further anecdotal evidence that, amid all this unrest, sports owners are being confronted with social responsibility that many didn’t sign up for, but must now respect. …

“Two items not listed in the pro sports ownership manual: How to stomach losing major money during a pandemic, and how to defer to players, or truly partner with them, once they start wielding their power. …

“This moment has the potential to mark a watershed in the owner-player dynamic. In this climate, the relationship can’t be purely transactional. The key difference is that there’s something to hold owners accountable to: The strength in numbers, from players as a more unified body and from fans who support their causes.”

Pro athletes are recognizing their leverage, so those who own the teams don?t have to agree with their view, but they must respect them.

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Que sera, sera

“What probably will be: an MLB-imposed mini-season starting in late July or early August; a union left to choose between mounting a legal challenge or begrudgingly accepting those terms; multiple players announcing their intentions to sit out rather than subject themselves to the health risk; a fight over how to treat those opting out; and a constant debate over the legitimacy of the season and its World Series champion.”

Even the union's latest proposal Tuesday doesn't suggest an agreement is imminent.

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North Korea to host Summer Olympics

Since North Korea is now the only country on earth with zero confirmed cases of CORVID-19, they have graciously offered to host the 2020 Summer Olympics. The IOC has agreed because they decided it was better than the uncertainty of postponing the games for a year or more with no guarantee of when they might be held.

North Korea is, however, requiring all athletes, officials, and fans to show up two months early, both so that they can quarantined in case they’re infected with the coronavirus and so that they can help build the necessary venues.

Also, London bookies are now reporting that Kim Jong Un has become the favorite to win all gold medals.

UPDATE: President Trump has reacted angrily to this news and demanded that the games be held in the United States saying “there’s nothing the Rocket Man can do that I can’t do better.” The President pointed out that all the recently constructed field hospitals could easily be converted quickly into sporting venues.

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The economic effect will be staggering everywhere

“Every corner of the economy will or has already begun to feel the strain of COVID-19, so in that sense, sports is no different from any other industry facing this crisis. But for sports, it has also played out on a very public stage, with leagues trying to balance safety against the likelihood of losing astronomical amounts of money — often dragging their feet and seeming to put the latter over the former. For the sake of public health, though, the cancelations were necessary — and they will also have wide-ranging effects on the business and competitive landscape of sports that could ripple out for years.”

The coronavirus pandemic has begun to shake institutions in the United States to their cores, and perhaps the sports world most of all. Although several organiz?

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