Afraid of some bad visuals, are you?

According to NBC News: “Republican officials are running into a wall of opposition — from the Secret Service and local officials — as they fight to move a protest zone farther away from the site of their national convention in Milwaukee this summer.”

Of course, they’d be tickled to death if there were bad visuals coming out of the Democratic convention in Chicago.

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The Republicans are in a bind that’s more than rhetorical

From DYNUZ: “The reason voters are turned off by the Republican position on abortion has less to do with language and more to do with the actual consequences of putting tight restrictions on reproductive rights. Countless Americans have direct experience with difficult and complicated pregnancies; countless Americans have direct experience with abortion care; and countless Americans are rightfully horrified by the stories of injury and cruelty coming out of anti-abortion states.”

It is beyond obvious at this point that abortion is the Achilles? heel of the Republican Party. The prospect of

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Trump is worst President ever

That’s obvious but why does everyone rag on William Henry Harrison, who did absolutely nothing wrong (other than deliver a two-hour inaugural address without an overcoat)?

This Presidents Day, Trumpism is affecting assessments of Obama, Reagan and others. Today's politics have also diminished the likes of Jackson and Wilson.

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History may not repeat but it often rhymes

“Big picture: getting rid of leaders to get rid of wars doesn’t have a great track record. Consider the example of Barack Obama following George W. Bush. This shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with any sort of leftist systemic analysis. Systems are the problem; politicians are symptoms of that system, at best. If anything, changing leaders can relieve the pressure to end the war. That’s what happened with Nixon, and again with Obama.”

We drove LBJ from office ? and got 50 years of dreadful Republican policy. Those who don't learn from history ...

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