“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

And the rest of the country shall suffer from the whirlwind they unleash in mid November when they shut down the government and possibly wreck the economy.

The next Republican House speaker will face pressure not to compromise with Democrats, but a spending deadline looms next month.

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2 thoughts on ““For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

  1. I doubt they’ll “wreck” the economy, but they’ll put strains on it. We had a month-long shutdown a few years back without much heavy consequences. Whether the Republicans or the Democrats will get the blame seems to be hard to predict; at least the pundits I read say that there isn’t a clear public consensus.

    Then again, can Biden deal with the border situation well enough to win in 2024? I wouldn’t say that Biden has sown that wind, but because the Democrats are at least somewhat obeying the asylum law (rather than simply shutting out all asylum-seekers), they’ve allowed the wind and the whirlwind is getting nasty. Even the Boston Globe is starting to print negative articles about the masses of destitute immigrants. So far this year, the Darien Gap has been crossed by 400k people and there’s no reason to believe that can’t double next year.

  2. Then again, then again, if that 400k asylum-seekers this year were given work permission, they would supply the growth in US jobs for only two months. So American capitalism is strong enough to incorporate them into The System without much disruption.

    In a sane world, I’d expect “the moneyed interests” would get the Republicans to push through some sort of immediate work permission, but the Republicans have been taken over by populists, and nobody is listening to the moneyed interests any more.

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